Our Mission

Is to promote up-and-coming filmmakers by providing a gateway to expand their careers in the entertainment industry. We shine a light on the unknown talent of today, helping them become the future celebrated filmmakers of tomorrow. Not only do we actively champion indie and independent filmmaking, we are one of the few film festivals in the world that offers a film distribution seminar to help filmmakers guide their cinematic vision toward profitability.

About Us

 Our Festival promotes freedom of thought, cultural and creative expression, regardless of age, abilities, gender or LGBTI.  Always keen to challenge stereotypes and push the definition of what 'sci-fi' means, we have a reputation for programming a variety of exciting and independent films whilst remaining fun and inclusive.

Our SciFi Film Festival is unique by bringing innovation, fun, quirky and cool to all generations and with a global perspective. World class, family friendly entertainment.

Who We Are 

After working and attending several Science Fiction Film Festivals and Cons, Yonnie Yen an avid Sci-Fi fan decided it was time, in 2014, for the Sci-Fi genre to go back to its cinematographic roots and give birth to a new style of science plus fantasy and so came the birth of  a new festival for the new millennium, but with its glorious past still in heart and mind.

Focusing on sci-fi, fantasy and horror cinema, never the less touching upon other artistic and cultural fields such as music and literature, theatre and comics the StarGate Galactic International sci-fi fantasy and horror film festival was born.
Among the retrospectives and tributes presented at the festival, we would like to highlight Our Hammer House of Horror, focuses on American, British and Japanese sci-fi and horror movies.
The StarGate Galactic International Sci-Fi Fantasy and Horror also includes an International competition, where the best sci-fi feature film is awarded with the Golden Asteroid. Starting in 2016, there will be a new section: a competition for the best fantastic short film. Besides, every year the S.G.I.F.F. awards the Silver Urania, a life time filmmimg achievement prize! 

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