2016 SGFF Cosplay 

Its all very Simple, just wear a costume of your favorite character from the Sc-Fi, Fantasy, or Horror Genres, walk on the stage and win prizes as you entertain the fans and wow the judges. You will be the Star! This is a part of the SGFF film festival where the attendees compete for various awards in Cosplay. From short skits to simple walk-ons, this contest celebrates the art and talent of bringing your favorite characters to life on stage.  we offer several Awards for Cosplayers and all but four  are by Audience choice. The event plays for one day during the festival and awards ceremony takes place at the ending nights Gala.

The Supreme Being AWARD for Best Male Cosplayer Winner

 Jacob Coskin

for KyloRen

The Horror Hottie AWARD for best Horror Female Cosplayer "Jigsaw"

Penny Kraus


The Tempest Award 

for Best Cosplay Make-up


Austin Buckner

 The Tamaara Award 

for Sexiest Sci-Fi Girl Winner

Vicky Meeks

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The 7 of 9 AWARD Winner Cheryl Johnson for Harley Quinn


The Agnet Award
​for best Homemade Cosplay Costume Winner Jennifer Plunkett


The Stargate Galactic International Prince and Princess AWARDs

for Best male and female Cosplayers of the Festival

Winners Julie and Dillian Kaspin