2016 Official Selections for the StarGate  Galactic International Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival

Official Selections 


Space People by Adam Griswold

Capsule by Paul Forrest

Holy Hell by Ryan LaPlante

Galaxy Riders by David Daze

The Lost Galaxy by  Peter Villet

Blood of Tribades by Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein

Easter Sunday by Jason Delgado

Maskoun by Sharif Abdunnur

Counter Clockwise by George Moise

Sleepwalkers by Ryan Lightbourn

Crawfordville unit S-71 by David Daze

Horrorville by David Daze

Jat Jatlin by Rajiv Ranjan

The Girl with the Tear in her Eye by Mark Williams

Blood Ruins: The Vampires Legacy by David Daze

I was a teenage Super Hero Sidekick by J. Hanna

SPACE : 2099 by Dejovn Hanass

CAMP Nowhere by David Daze

The Beast of Yorkshire by Brian Felps

TV Pilots 

Absynthia by Seregon O'Dassey

Olympus Rising by C.M. Landrus

A Moon Walk by J.M. Wiley

The Last Being by Paul Zakus

Pinned and Bound by Lindsey Waltz

2120 Hostel by Brant Young


Feature and Short

The Kite And The Spaceship by Robert Shill

Love! Rockets! Robots! by Rudolf Kremers

The Future Force by Ed Vela

Nickel Man by Brent Stanick

The Voyage of Genesis 2 by David Thorndill

The Unseen by Robert Stag

A Fangirl by Diana Galimzyanova

Hell's Reflection by Wynn Reichert

Into the Storm by David Klass

Scratching the Surface by Samantha Kolesnik

The Knife Association by Ron Riekki

All Living Things by Michael Vincent Montgomery

HIBERNATION by Mike Briock

None Shall Survive by Stephen M. Hunt

The Cold Agenda Short by Jay Stamatis

The Protectors by Marc Silveira

The Power of Jasmine by Marc Sileira

MOVEME by Maya B. Alexander

CROSSINGS by Fred Perry

KIDICIDE by Kelly Karam

TERMINUS by Fred Perry

The Lottery of Life by Marina Eve

Virtua by Marina Eve

Cemetery Hill by Cornelius Broderick

For All Mankind by Matthew OConnell

Cover Crop by Jeffery Howe

Terra Alpha One by Neil Chase

Lady Smoke by John Celona

At the End of the Tunnel by Claire Wasmund

The Paradox Man by Larry Thomas

Last Flight of the Condor by Troy Graham

Hunger Pangs by Nathan Ludwig

Dream Babies by Mathieu Alepin

Echo Morning: Out of the Blue by Matthew Morrell

Love Potion #666 by Nathan Ludwig

Zombie A Go-Go by Richard Faymonville

High Stone by Jim Menza

The Apocalypse Chronicles by Nathan Ludwig

Hell Hound: Legend of Robert Johnson by Giancarlo Fusi

Walters Days by Nathan Ludwig

LIFECREDIT by Jay Stamatis

The Fiend by Richard Reed

Hell on Neptune by Robert Rogers

Dakota Caves- 2 by Robert Rogers

Neema and Sid Go Totally Off Grid by Michael Vincent Montgomery

Star Wars: Scum & Villainy- Part 1- Stranded by Dallas Burgess


Official Selections


Student Short Films

Departure by Emily Pietro

RAE by Aron Rovner

Love and Zombies by Brandon Ciarlo

SMILE by Joan Martinez

Secret Letter by Marvin Yuell

Fenrik the Troll by Fenrik the Troll

AFTERLIFE by Dahoon Chung

"The Duet" by Nicola Fabbi

Revelation by Carrie Finklea

The Surface by Willem Kampenhout

'Twas the Night of the Krampus by Donavon Thompson

Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir by David Maire

SHORT FILMS, Animation and Micro Shorts

Mission Backup Earth by Alexander Pfander

Galactic Galaxy by Anthony Ferraro


Cassandra by Guy-Roger Duvert

Transport by J. Hanna

"Milo to the Moon" by Nicola Fabb

Operation Pegasus by Erik Axelsson

DEATHWORLD : 2120 by Andrew H. Miller

Daddy's Girls by Paul Despins

Mittens of Star Command by Matt Bissett-Johnson

Replika by Luc Walpoth

Subversive by Joseph Villapaz

Green Lake by Derek Frey

Hi Neighbor by Chad Halvorsen

Game of Role by Carlos Flores

Seeing Red by Adam Thomas

Death After Pancakes by Sofia Garza-Barba

(Little) Red Riding Hood by Daniel JENNY

Reconnect by Tracey Wilson

Cantata in C Major by Ronnie Cramer

Star Voyage : 2020 by Pacus Volitz

Sanctioned by Harry Ayiotis

3010: The Righteous Path by Isabel Stanfield

Welcome to Forever by Maria Lorenzana

Time by Kenneth McKinney

The Golden Plates by Tara-Nicole Azarian

They will All Die In Space by Javier Chillon

Symptoms by Omar Moujaes

Space the Final Reartier by Charlz Williams

PURSUIT by James Aponte

Lucid by Kim Sonderholm

Phoenix by Florian Frerichs

Don't mess with the Sharkies by Richard Rabelbauer

Darker by Alex Torres

Populace by Dan Horrigan

The Urge 2- It Lies Within by Christopher Angus

Dark Specter by Bruce Nachsin

Delica-m: Pretty in the Dark by Herman Wang

The Spell Tutor by Herman Wang

Artificial by Luis Espinosa

Fire Ripples by Mark Roeder

The Town Where Nobody Lives by Al Topich

Spammer by John Iwasz

Chronicles of the Source by Sebastian Chauvel

Paradox by Paul Erskine

Stranger at the Pentagon by Craig Campobasso

Missing One Player by Lei Lei

THE BOY by Nayanapradeep Ratnayake

Soul Breaker by Judson Vaughan

re-Start by Olga Osorio

Total Awesome Viking Power by Morten Forland

A Shadow of Dara by Kirill Proskura

Kirk v Picard by John Riddell

(13.1-9+19+13) Vol.01 by Akari Mazda

Shadowhunters: DevilSpeak by Monique Dupree

M-Theory by TL Westgate

Legacy by Josh Mawer


Reversal by Michael Lippert

The Eve by Yuri Missoni

Mr. Denton by Ivan Villamel

Displaced by Gray Hodgkinson

Pyramids Hostel by Thierry Lledo

Awakenings by Bhargav Saikia