Filmmakers Info 

We would like to Thank all the Talented  Filmmakers and Writers who Submitted Projects to our 2016 Event. This year we had just over 500 Submissions but we could only Select 180 of those Submissions for our Venue. we would like to Thank, Filmfreeway, Icore-5 Group, Black Box Media and Writers and Filmmakers from our past Event for all the Help getting Submissions to us this year! We would also like to Thank everyone selected in our Judging Process for Screening projects for Our Venue! And for all involved in those projects we Selected this year. Goodluck and Godspeed to you all!

 Hello, if you planning to Attend our 2016 Venue please contact us via E-mail and Address the message to Att: Donnie Weaver.

Mr. Weaver is our Selected Liaison officer for our 2016 Event. he can help you with Hotel Booking, Event Location and any other questions you may have! via e-mail or phone.

Screening films at our 2016 Event will be done from direct PC Harddrive to Projector in HD, onto a 10x16 Screen. We will have two Seperate Screening rooms for films. There is no need to send us a hard DVD of your film.

All film Screeners are Directly Downloaded from Filmfreeway, Youtube or Viemeo. In full HD, with Surround Sound.

Both Feature and Short films/info/ trailers will be added to our website over the next few days!

if you have Questions, about your film playing at our Event, Schedule, Hotels, Directions to our Event, just ask and we will be glad to help you!

-Yonnie Yen